Meet the Crew

Brynn Campbell / Founder

Brynn Campbell founded ANA in 2015 when she first came to Morocco. Brynn brings a diverse skill set to the team, with a background in photojournalism, project management, and immigration consultant case management. With a vision for the future, Brynn aspires for ANA to play a role in inspiring others to discover creative solutions to the challenges posed by the migration and refugee crisis.

Elfadil Ibrahim Hussein Mohammed / Project Manager

Elfadil came to Morocco from Sudan in 2018 with his wife Soukina and daughter Maha. His son Amar was born in 2020. Elfadil has worked for ANA for five years, managing projects where he distributed food to migrants and refugees. Elfadil works on weekly reports for our social media about the current situation for migrants.

Soukina / Artisan

Soukina came to Morocco from Sudan in 2018 with her husband Elfadil and daughter Maha. Her son Amar was born in 2020. Soukina works as an artisan for ANA and helps Elfadil with projects. She is a fantastic chef and always feeds the staff great meals.

Godin / Artisan / Content Creator

Godin joined ANA in 2023 in Morocco. Godin is from Cameroon and came to Morocco in 2017. Godin is a painter, an artisan, and is studying how to make motion graphics with Adobe After Effects. Godin has served as a mentor for several team members, bringing valuable guidance and expertise to the group. Additionally, he will be actively involved in the production of the 2024 Documentary. With a background in marketing, Godin has a passion for exploring innovative approaches to online content creation.

Balde Sadio / Social Media Marketer

Balde Sadio is from Senegal and has been working with us since 2020. Balde has lived and worked in Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal. Balde primarily focuses on managing our social media platforms, undertaking tasks such as uploading content, engaging with comments, and sending messages. Additionally, he contributes by sharing photos on platforms like Facebook, our website, and other social media channels. Notably, Balde achieved the remarkable feat of constructing a house for himself and his family in Senegal.