About Aidez nous a Aider

Aidez nous a Aider is committed to promoting self-reliance through a variety of entrepreneurial projects, with a specific focus on skill development for migrants in Morocco. Our central mission is to empower individuals by facilitating the acquisition of practical skills, placing a primary emphasis on enhancing the lives of marginalized communities. As a grassroots movement, we actively engage with migrants in Morocco, working collaboratively to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge. Our goal is to establish sustainable pathways for these individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, fostering both personal growth and community improvement.

Recent Projects

At the core of our mission is a steadfast commitment to empowering migrants in Morocco through art, activism, and social change, coupled with a focus on skill development for migrants. We equip migrants with essential knowledge and tools, nurturing their self-sufficiency. As they master valuable skills, a potent cycle commences — they generously pass on their expertise to fellow migrants, generating a ripple effect of empowerment and community support. Simultaneously, we advocate against illegal pushbacks, ensuring that migrants are treated with dignity and respect throughout their journeys.

Advocacy for Migrant Rights

Our mural stands as a powerful symbol addressing the migration crisis, shedding light on the issue of illegal pushbacks that violate international law, particularly concerning migrants in Morocco. Pushbacks entail obstructing individuals on their migration journey, going against established legal standards. The mural also serves as a memorial for lives lost in the Mediterranean while seeking asylum. We extend an invitation to artists worldwide to paint this symbol in their respective countries, fostering a unified movement against unjust practices and amplifying awareness for the rights of migrants, especially those in Morocco facing the challenges of illegal pushbacks.

Your contribution holds the power to create a meaningful impact. Through your donation, you play a crucial role in empowering marginalized communities, particularly migrants in Morocco, by facilitating skill development, providing education, and opening up opportunities for their advancement.