Aidez nous a Aider Documentary

Aidez nous a Aider has begun a new initiative involving the production of a documentary, where both the filming and editing processes will be undertaken by migrants. This documentary will center around the experiences of migrants in Morocco and their collaborative efforts with our organization. The aim is to highlight their unique skills, showcasing the talents that often go unnoticed. The documentary intends to demonstrate the positive outcomes when investments are made in individuals rather than reinforcing strict border controls.

Furthermore, it will elucidate that our organization, initially founded by a Canadian, is effectively governed by migrants who also hold positions on the board of directors. By empowering marginalized migrants, we seek to equip them with the necessary tools to advocate for solutions to the migration crisis. The documentary will serve as a platform to articulate the changes needed and provide insights into the realities of their lives. It will emphasize that, with opportunities and training, migrants can make meaningful and positive contributions to society.

Our overarching objective is to reshape perceptions and offer a different perspective on who migrants truly are. Through this documentary, we aspire to foster understanding, empathy, and support for the marginalized migrant community, encouraging a shift in the discourse surrounding migration.