Dominique joined ANA in 2023 in Morocco. Dominique is from Cameroon and came to Morocco in 2018. Dominique is a singer, artisan and learning to master his video editing skills with Adobe Premier Pro. Dominique has taken on the role of project manager for several of our new initiatives, overseeing tasks such as instructing fellow members in video editing and coordinating video contests. Additionally, he plays a crucial role as one of the primary recruiters, actively bringing in new members and preparing them for their roles in the various projects we undertake. Dominique will apply his expertise in video production and editing to contribute to the creation of the 2024 Documentary. Furthermore, he showcased elements of his migration journey through captivating photos, which were featured in our photography exhibitions.

Introduction Video for Aidez nous a Aider

An engaging introduction video for Aidez nous a Aider. It not only highlights our organization’s projects but also offers valuable insights into how individuals can actively participate in our initiatives.

Migrant Designed Shoes – An introduction to how you can empower migrants with each step you take.

In a commendable and creative endeavor, the organization ‘Aidez-nous à aider’ is using the sale of shoes to raise funds in support of migrants. A distinctive feature of this initiative lies in incorporating artistic contributions from the migrants themselves to design the footwear. It represents a fusion of solidarity, creativity, and philanthropy working towards a cross-border cause.

Unveiling Voices: Global Mural Project for Migrant Justice 🌍✨ Join the Movement, Break the Silence!

A video about ANA’s mural project which serves as a poignant symbol of the migration crisis. The mural not only represents a collective outcry against these unjust actions but also stands as a commemoration for those who tragically lost their lives in the pursuit of asylum across the Mediterranean. Through this shared visual language, ANA aims to amplify awareness, inspire change, and foster unity against the injustices faced by migrants.

Skill Development for Migrants in Morocco

This is an introductory video highlighting several projects undertaken by Aidez nous a Aider over the past year. It is a collaborative effort featuring a mix of videos and images that vividly illustrate the scope and impact of the initiatives our organization has been involved in.

Social Media Posts

Music Video Production

A celebratory music video, celebrating the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations. The video was filmed and edited in Morocco and the music was written by Congolese artist DK and Cameroonian artist Mr. Fockop.